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This page lists the Cyberinfrastructure Use Cases for Release 2. Key features of these use cases are summarized at the parent page, Release 2 Use Cases.

For status of use case development, see the Release 2 Use Case Status and Details.

Release 2 Use Case Table

The table below presents the Cyberinfrastructure Use Cases for Release 2.

PageDescriptionUC PriorityUC StatusLead TeamPrimary Service
UC.R2.01 Acquire Data From External DatasetAcquire external dataset content, ingest into Integrated Observatory catalogs, and publish as appropriate5Mapped + ReadyEOI
UC.R2.03 Produce Real-Time Calibrated DataProcess arriving sensor data into a calibrated, quality-controlled data product.4Mapped + ReadySAData Processing Services
UC.R2.04 Browse to Get Data ProductBrowse data products using metadata, select one, and access its contents.5Mapped + ReadySAData Product Catalog & Repository Services
UC.R2.05 Register and Connect InstrumentInstrument is registered with metadata, gets an ID, and connects to ION4Mapped + ReadySAInstrument Activation Services
UC.R2.06 Command InstrumentSend typical commands to specific instrument and analyze the response.4Mapped + ReadySAInstrument Management Services
UC.R2.07 Direct Instrument AccessCommunicate directly with instrument via terminal or 3rd-party applications4Mapped + ReadySAInstrument Direct Access
UC.R2.08 Manage Instrument LifecycleBring instrument from conception through decommissioning4Mapped + ReadySAInstrument Activation Services
UC.R2.09 Activate Instrument DriverBring driver for an instrument model from conception through decommissioning.4Mapped + ReadySAInstrument Activation Services
UC.R2.10 Manage Marine PlatformManage a marine observatory platforms and its resources.4Mapped + ReadySAMarine Observatory Facility Services
UC.R2.11 Define Marine Observatory Resources and PolicyDefine the assets of a marine observatory and their related policies.4Mapped + ReadySAMarine Observatory Facility Services
UC.R2.12 Deploy CI Software On CG PlatformDeploy CI software on the CG remote platform environment before platform's final tests and deployment.4Mapped + ReadyMIMarine Observatory Facility Services
UC.R2.13 Acquire Data From InstrumentIntegrated Observatory acquires and ingests data from physical instrument.4Mapped + ReadySAData Acquisition Services
UC.R2.14 Monitor an InstrumentA marine operator monitors an instrument4Mapped + ReadySAInstrument Management Services
UC.R2.15 Qualify Instrument InterfaceUse Instrument Development Kit (or equivalent) to test instrument and/or driver.4Mapped + ReadyMIInstrument Development Kit
UC.R2.17 Define Visualization Processing PipelineDefine a processing pipeline for one visualization technology.4Mapped + ReadyASData Analysis & Visualization Services Part 1
UC.R2.18 Visualize Data ProductProvide dynamic visualization of Unprocessed (Raw) and Basic (L0) data products.4Mapped + ReadyASData Analysis & Visualization Services Part 1
UC.R2.19 Produce Matlab VisualizationUse Matlab or compatible software in workflow to create visualization product.2Mapped + ReadyASData Analysis & Visualization Services Part 1
UC.R2.20 Annotate Resource in RegistryAssociate information with a resource5Mapped + ReadyDMOOI Common Data & Metadata Model Part 2
UC.R2.21 Transform Data in WorkflowData process produces new data from existing data4Mapped + ReadySAData Processing Services
UC.R2.22 Version Data SetResource is supplanted by changed version4Mapped + ReadyDMOOI Common Data & Metadata Model Part 2
UC.R2.23 Ingest Data SupplementReceive and process data that is an addition to existing data set.4Mapped + ReadyDMIngestion into Common Data Format
UC.R2.24 Search for ResourceUser enters filtering metadata (including associations) and gets matching resources.5Mapped + ReadyDMSearch & Navigation Services
UC.R2.26 Navigate Resources and MetadataUse resource associations and links in metadata to find related resources and obtain more information about them2Mapped + ReadyDMSearch & Navigation Services
UC.R2.27 Manage Replicated ArchiveIndex, Browse, Validate, Retrieve, Mirror, Migrate, and Regulate archival holdings3Mapped + ReadyDMPersistent Archive Services Part 2
UC.R2.28 Manage Resource MetadataEdit (add, deprecate, improve) metadata of a resource5Mapped + ReadyDMOOI Common Data & Metadata Model Part 2
UC.R2.29 Integrate External DatasetMake a collection of external data continuously available as OOI data.4Mapped + ReadyEOIExternal Data Access Services
UC.R2.30 Define InteractionDescribe pattern of interaction between actors4Mapped + ReadyCOIFederated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 1
UC.R2.31 Define New Service InterfaceAdd new service interface to system capabilities5Mapped + ReadyCOICapability Container & Distributed Service Infrastructure Part 1
UC.R2.32 Conduct NegotiationNegotiate agreement (or not) between agents3Mapped + ReadyCOIFederated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 1
UC.R2.33 Enroll in an OrgEnter as a member into an Organization, with an agreed role(Org)4Mapped + ReadyCOIFederated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 1
UC.R2.34 Share an Org ResourceWork with Org member offering a resource to obtain access to the offering3Mapped + ReadyCOIFederated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 1
UC.R2.36 Create an OrgCreate an Organization (Org) with defined characteristics5Mapped + ReadyCOIFederated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 1
UC.R2.37 Control Service InteractionsSystem monitors, logs, and validates service-to-service interactions for conformance to protocol.1Mapped + ReadyCOIFederated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 1
UC.R2.38 Define and Use Resource Life CycleDescribe obligatory state model for given resource type.4Mapped + ReadyCOIResource Lifecycle Services
UC.R2.39 Manage ION UsersEstablish ION-wide policies and capabilities to manage users.4Mapped + ReadyCOIIdentity and Policy Management Services
UC.R2.40 Monitor ION ResourcesView status of any Integrated Observatory resource.4Mapped + ReadyCOIFederated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 1
UC.R2.41 Recover Failed ProcessPeer worker processes gracefully recover a failed process and its state.3Mapped + ReadyCOICapability Container & Distributed Service Infrastructure Part 2
UC.R2.42 Define Resource PolicyOperator defines policy for a specific resource, system enforces it4Mapped + ReadyCOIIdentity & Policy Management Services
UC.R2.43 Operate Message BrokersRun ION with multiple simultaneous Exchange message brokers3Mapped + ReadyCOICapability Container & Distributed Service Infrastructure Part 2
UC.R2.44 Define Service Type During RuntimeRegister a new service interface with the running system3Mapped + ReadyCEIElastic Computing Services
UC.R2.45 Instantiate Service Anywhere During RuntimeDeploy an instance of a service and allocate where need is greatest during system operations5Mapped + ReadyCEIElastic Computing Services
UC.R2.46 Operate Integrated Observatory NetworkManage Integrated Observatory system and respond to requests4Mapped + ReadyCOICOI Resource Lifecycle Services
UC.R2.47 Define Executable ProcessDefine, register and update an executable process, based on a source code or binary process definition.4Mapped + ReadyCEIProcess Catalog & Repository Services
UC.R2.48 Schedule Process for ExecutionSchedule a process for execution.5Mapped + ReadyCEIProcess Management Services
UC.R2.49 Deploy Distributed ProcessesDefine service and process instantiation location and scheduling4Mapped + ReadyCEIProcess Management Services
UC.R2.50 Define Scaling PolicyDefine policy to effect scaling decisions3Mapped + ReadyCEIElastic Computing Services
UC.R2.51 Define Execution EngineAdd new type of process execution engine to the Integrated Observatory3Mapped + ReadyCEIExecution Engine Catalog & Repository Services
UC.R2.53 View Modeler-Submitted ProductsView submitted model outputs based on ION data streams3Mapped + ReadyEOIIOOS Integration Package 2
UC.R2.55 Manage Help TicketRespond to help ticket, generating Integrated Observatory events on state changes.4Mapped + ReadyOPSResource Management Services
UC.R2.56 Monitor ION NetworkRespond instantly to network issues affecting system4Mapped + ReadyOPSResource Management Services
UC.R2.57 Configure Start PageConfigure user's initial web page for accessing ION4Mapped + ReadyUXUser Workflow, Interaction, and Visual Design
UC.R2.58 Display Arbitrary ResourceRepresent any class of Integrated Observatory resource in a UI4Mapped + ReadyUXUser Workflow, Interaction, and Visual Design
UC.R2.60 Troubleshoot Deployed InstrumentDiagnose deployed platform and instrument faults.4Mapped + ReadyS&AMarine Observatory Facility Services
UC.R2.61 Reacquire External DataRe-obtain data requested by user but no longer in ION3Mapped + ReadyEOIIOOS Integration Package 2

Metadata Definitions (Unique to Release 2)


Possible values:

Name or Code Meaning
Ready Use case is ready for review as final Release 2 Use Case (updating may occur, due to review comments)
Mapped Use case has been mapped to Acceptance Test Scenarios
Deprecated Use case has been deprecated, usually due to redundancy
LCA Indicated ready for LCA-level review
A Indicates Alan C has reviewed
M Indicates Michael M has reviewed and released to Alan C
+ Indicates John G has reviewed and released for Michael M
Design Ready for LCO Review
Draft Initial outline of scenario, other material is present
Summary Name and summary section have been filled out

UX Exposure

This column indicates how much the use case must be exposed to users. Possible values:

Acronym Name Explanation
EUC End user console Requires exposure to an end user
ONC OOI network operator console Requires exposure to an Integrated Observatory Operator
MNC Marine operator console Requires exposure to a Marine Observatory Operator or Marine Asset Operator
PGM Programmatic interface Requires exposure to a software programmer (e.g., a Data Process Programmer)
SYS System functionality Internal system functionality only, available to other internal system elements

R1 Use Case Number

If the use case originated in R1, this number is set to the original R1 use case identifier.

(click on # to go to R2 use case)
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
61     27B


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